Six Business Valuation Methods You Should Know

The process of determining the economic value of your company is known as business valuation. There are a variety of situations in which a business valuation is required. For example, you may need to value your business in relation to a corporate exercise/ transaction or for compliance purposes such as audit or taxation. It is […]

Consideration of ESG in Business Valuation

Let us begin by understanding what ESG stands for! ESG represents Environmental, Social and Governance. ESG investing and analysis has become of increasing interest to investment professionals, in particular the institutional investors globally as governments, large asset portfolio owners, and high-net worth investors have begun to consider the impact of ESG factors on their investments […]

Why Intellectual Property (IP) Valuation is crucial to sell a business?

Intellectual property (IP) in many companies is one of the main assets, and unlocking its potential is an essential part of any business sale. A variety of methodologies can be used to arrive at the IP valuation of assets such as the patents, trademarks or logos, copyrights, and trade secrets. What is it about these […]

Benefits of Performing Business Valuation Services

In general, businesses grow overtime and so should the value. But how do you measure that? Undergoing a business valuation process can help you answer that. Business valuation services can be extremely important in certain contexts. Let us look at those contexts in some detail in this article. Selling a business or shares: When selling […]

Brief Introduction to Employee Stock/ Share Options (ESOP) Valuation

Let’s begin with understanding what stock options and employee stock options (“ESOPs”) are. An option is a contract that allows a buyer the right to buy or sell an underlying asset or financial instrument at a specified strike price on or before a specified date, depending on the form of the option. The strike price […]